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Why authentic copy is the key to your website’s success

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Your website is the backbone of your business and one of the first things that customers see when interacting with your brand. When it comes to your website creation, design and copywriting work hand in hand -- let’s explore how.

How design and copy work together

A beautiful website with subpar copy will please the eyes, but it will do nothing for conversions -- such as sales of your products or bookings of your services.

On the other hand, a generic website with great copy will convert visitors into customers but it might hurt the branding of your company, making it appear unprofessional.

Finally, a thoughtfully-designed website with well-researched and well-written copy will provide a great experience for your website visitors, establish you as a company that can be trusted and help you get more sales of your offers.

That’s why every Pixy Studio website includes web copy carefully crafted by one of our copywriters.

What is authentic copy?

A lot of business owners are uncomfortable with selling and worry about coming across as inauthentic in their copy. That usually happens when they’re trying to write their own copy using templates found on the internet or following the latest “sales tactics”.

Remember: you don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you or isn't aligned with the way you want to show up in your business. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore best practices and proven copywriting frameworks for the sake of being “authentic”.

Here at Pixy Studio, we work with experienced copywriters who know how to write authentic copy -- copy that captures your voice and reflects your values but at the same time helps increase conversions.

How to write authentic copy

We approach copywriting from a place of storytelling, not selling, and view copy as a tool that takes your customers on a journey. Think of it as having a conversation with your audience -- and encouraging them to take action at the end.

Writing authentic copy starts with going back to the roots of your business - your “why”, your values, the reasons you do what you do. We then help communicate your story in a way that feels true to who you are, using simple words you’d use in a conversation with a friend or someone you genuinely want to help.

Adding personal stories or humor is what really helps the authenticity shine through, resulting in a long-lasting, human relationship. After all, customers don’t want to interact with faceless companies, they want to interact with people.

Copywriting: should you do it yourself or hire a professional?

Just like with any creative endeavor, writing authentic and effective copy requires a combination of experience, talent and time. There’s a big difference between copy written by a professional copywriter and an amateur.

Unless you know how to do marketing research and put your findings into words in a way that increases conversions, the success of your website depends on the expertise of copywriters.

A professional copywriter does the work to understand your target audience’s pains and desires to position your product or service in a way that resonates with your customers.

Contact us if you want to learn how we can help you deepen your relationship with your audience -- and generate more sales as a result -- with our copywriting services.

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