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How to create the perfect yoga studio website

Yoga studios are popping up everywhere, and now you can find one on every other block in most major cities. Since most of them offer similar classes and services, your yoga studio website has to help you stand out and tell your potential clients why they should choose you.

So what does a perfect yoga studio website look like, and why is it important for your success? In this article, you’ll learn all the essential elements of a yoga studio website that gets you more students and fully-booked classes.

How A Website Can Help Grow Your Yoga Studio

A website is an investment in the future of your business. With everything moving online, having a website is a must for any yoga studio. Let’s look at how exactly a website can help you attract more students and increase your average class size.

  • Build Your Reputation: The first place people search for information is Google, and you want them to be able to find you when they look for yoga studios in your area. A top-ranked, put-together, professional website will make your studio stand apart from other studios and tell your visitors you can be trusted.

  • Promote Your Classes: You want to help your students find out the class schedule, fees and other information about your studio at the click of a button. The quicker your potential clients get their questions answered, the easier it is for them to follow through and sign up for your yoga studio. And a website can help you do just that.

  • Create An E-mail Database: By adding a signup form, you can collect email addresses on your website and create a database of students you can email directly when there is a sale, special event, or a new class. Email marketing is a channel you will always control, unlike social media where you’re at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms.

  • Expand Your Business: If you’re planning to grow by offering more classes or opening studios in new locations, a website will help you get there. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract new students and provide them the information they need to sign up for your classes.

How To Create The Perfect Yoga Studio Website

You might be thinking, "How can I create the perfect website for my yoga studio?" Of course, this will look different for each studio, depending on the style, aesthetic, and goals you have for your website. However, there are some similar elements that we always integrate into our web designs at Pixy Studio to create extraordinary websites for our clients.

Functional Web Design

As the name suggests, functional web design prioritizes function over style, meaning that every element of the design has to serve its purpose. A well-thought-out design helps your clients find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s a good idea to display helpful information on your website - in your About page, class schedules, class descriptions, and other pages.

It’s also important for your site to be mobile and desktop-friendly, so clients browsing from different devices can always have a great experience. Integrating various tools, such as online class scheduling or a payment system, make it easy for your customers to sign up and pay -- and for you to manage your business.

Clean Minimalistic Designs

At Pixy Studio, we specialize in clean, minimalist design. Although it may not be the right fit for every brand, one of the advantages of such an aesthetic is avoiding distractions and clutter. This way, the focus is on your studio and your brand, not the design itself.

Brand Strategy

Your brand should be truly authentic to who you are as a yoga teacher or studio owner.

That’s why it’s essential to define your brand strategy before creating your website. This includes finding your voice, understanding what makes you unique, identifying the clients you want to work with, and communicating that through your website.

Stellar Copywriting

Copywriting is key when creating any website. The main goal of copywriting is to get your website visitors to take the action you want them to take. It could be calling your studio, signing up for a class or buying a monthly pass. Well-written copy not only connects with your audience, but also turns people interested in trying yoga into loyal clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to show up in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This ensures that potential students can find you when they're looking for yoga studios near them. Optimizing your website during each part of the design and implementation process helps your business rank for the right keywords - phrases that your customers are searching for.

Powerful Tools For Your Yoga Studio Website

Many online platforms, such as Wix, have tools that make it easy for your students to become a part of your studio and reduce the administrative tasks on your side. At Pixy Studio, we always integrate the software called Wix Fitness Solution because of its endless benefits, such as:

  • Online Scheduling System: Integrating a scheduling system lets your clients book classes online and allows you to display your studio's classes, hours, and pricing.

  • Online Payment System: With a payment system, students can choose to pay for their sessions online with a credit card or create an account and have their monthly membership automatically billed. This takes away a considerable stressor for studios -- managing and collecting payments.

  • Virtual Lessons: One of the most popular features yoga studios love is the ability to provide virtual lessons live or through video on demand. This breaks down the location barrier and allows all of your members to access content even if they don't feel safe enough to attend an in-person class.

  • Member Profiles: Through Wix, you can easily create member profiles that allow your customers to sign up and become an official part of your yoga studio. You can send class reminders, chat with clients, collect forms, and send updates through their member profiles.


Creating the perfect yoga studio website takes time, patience, understanding the basics of website design, and knowing what will work to help your studio reach its peak performance. If you're unsure where to start, we'd love to provide some guidance on your yoga studio's website today.

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