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Photographer & Visual Storyteller,
Co-founder of KlunderBie


Wiglius de Bie

Photographer & Visual Storyteller, co-founder of KlunderBie

Wiglius de Bie is a freelance photographer who has worked with clients such as Vogue and Dior Homme. In addition to freelancing, he is the co-founder of KlunderBie, an agency specializing in creative art direction and photography and known for its sophisticated yet playful photographs. 


Pixy Studio was tasked with creating a website that would showcase Wiglius’s best personal works, highlight KlunderBie, as well as allow him to sell his limited edition prints. The result was a custom website with strong use of imagery that presented his unique style and positioned him as a talented, versatile visual storyteller.


Photo by Wiglius de Bie
Iekeliene Stang by Wiglius de Bie
Sylvia van der Klooster by Wiglius de Bie
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